nuez de la india how to take it

nuez de la india how to use

How to take Nuez de la India?

Hello friends, taking Nuez de la India is really easy, but just because it's easy doesn't mean we won't explain it, there are some  websites that are only focused on selling the product and will just ignore if you do or don't obtain a positive result, our goal is to guide you step by step on how to use this great product the correct way, give useful tips and a even a healthy diet guide!

We hope you obtain an excellent result and let you know that we're here to guide you in the whole process, your success is also ours, we want to be part of this story of your life by helping you as much as we can.


Here's a step by step guide on how to take the Nuez de la India tea.

Can you take Nuez de la India raw?

A frequently asked question about Nuez de la India is if you can consume it raw or if it's 100% necessary to be taken as a tea.


The answer is really simple, if you use Nuez de la India in the form of tea, the effect will be mild and therefore it will be easier for your system to assimilate the effect, and it will only reactivate your digestive system and you will evacuate your bowels more frequently. On the other hand if you take it raw, it's as if you were taking a pill, the effect will be slightly stronger but not that many notice the difference.


It's very common for people to use Nuez de la India on the raw form as they are too lazy to prepare the tea, and other people find that taking it raw just works better for them, remember every body is different you have to find the right way to use Nuez de la India that is right for you!

Can you take Nuez de la India in the morning?

There's a good reason behind taking Nuez de la India over the night:


By taking it by night you will enjoy its benefits in the morning, the most important meal of the day is breakfast, taking Nuez de la India by night is like pressing a reset button on your digestive system, by doing this you will start you day with fresh meals that will provide you with the energy necessary for your daily activities. This way you can assure that you will absorb and process new quality nutrients because your intestines will be empty, like when we were young, we would always wake up and evacuate our bowels with ease.


There is no other reason that is worth mentioning other than this, but it is important to know that some people take Nuez de la India by night and don't obtain the results they want, just change to the morning method and you will obtain better results.

What you need to know before using Nuez de la India

Before using Nuez de la India it is necessary for you to know that:


1) NEVER take more than 1/4th of a seed in a day,

2) You must drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day, to maintain your body hydrated and obtain better results this way,

3) Diet is not necessary but it is recommended for you to eat healthy,

4) Do not use Nuez de la India if combined with other medical treatments or alcohol,

5) Do not consume Nuez de la India when in lactation or if pregnant.

6) Do not use Nuez de la India if you're currently sick, convalescent or recovering from surgery.

7) Keep out of the reach of children.

To prepare you must:

1) Take a whole seed of Nuez de la India and remove the velvet layer that covers it.

2) Cut the seed in 4 equal parts (Each piece will be for a different day),

3) Fill a cup with Hot water,

4) Crush the 1/4th of a seed with the help of 2 Spoons or your fingers if you feel confident,

5) Add the crushed 1/4th of a seed to the cup of hot water,

6) Wait a couple of minutes and then drink the water and the crushed seed from the cup,

7) When you wake up make sure to drink 2 liters of water!.



How to prepare Nuez de la India

Make sure you're using the Original Nuez de la India

It is important that you take the authentic Nuez de la India, to your right there is a picture of the real Nuez de la India next to it's seal of quality.


It is easy to identify the "FAKE" Nuez de la India because:


• The fake Nuez de la India is sold in pieces usually of the size of a piece of rice. They do this to confuse you to buy something that you have no idea how it looks whole.


• The fake Nuez de la India is sold either in a powder mix or grained, sometimes they even include a measuring spoon for the same reasoning.


• The fake one is sold that it has a stronger effect, there is only one  Original Nuez de la India, if the effect is stronger than they are giving you something else.

• The fake Nuez de la India is usually sold in low quality websites with no information, copies of original pages or random facebook pages that one day they are active and the other it no longer exists, make sure you buy from trusted websites and sources.

Tips for better results

Even though we know that you will lose weight just by the sole reason of you taking Nuez de la India, we also know that results vary from person to person; there are various factors that make that these results vary, we will actually tell you all about them so you can have the best result in your first try.


A) Nuez de la India will activate your digestive system (Add Fiber)

This way your digestive system will clear itself in an effective way, in other words you will get rid of your old feces in your system thanks to this you will eliminate the toxins crated by those old feces in your system, and believe me when we say this but your whole organism will work better!


B) Nuez de la India will get rid of what your body doesn't need (Eat Healthy),

Make sure your organism has the essential nutrients needed for the basic functions, make sure you take vitamin suplements as it is very convinient.


C) Nuez de la India will get rid of eating anxieties (Don't eat out of habit)

It might seem weird but when we don't have the anxiety to eat we sometimes end up visiting the fridge out of habit (Make sure you put up a note that tells you to eat at the correct times)


D) Diets and exercise are NOT necessary.

But its pretty logical that if you eat healthy and do at least 15 minutes of exercise a day you will maximize the results and reach that desired weight.


E) And make sure to:

1) When you wake up take a big glass of water with some lemon or lime juice to rehydrate your body and maximize the effect of Nuez de la India.


2) Eat at least 1 Banana every 2 days, this is to replenish the loss of potassium in your system, this is an essential nutrient in your body and might cause fatigue if your body is lacking it.


3) Eat half an orange in the morning, like always when you're in a diet your body will get rid of what it doesn't need and this might cause a slight headache, you can reduce it with the sugar levels from an orange.


4) Take at least 6 glasses of water (3 liters throughout the day) to stay hydrated.


5) Eat 5 times a day, like we have explained in the complementary diet we present in this website.

nuez dela india como se prepara



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The Nuez de la india is a product that has been used for years for the purpose of weight loss, but it is very important that if you have a weight problem or other health problems visit your doctor and your obesity problem can have different causes and you probably require specialized medical treatment, cashews in this regard should be an effective natural aid and in no way replace the need that you have it checked by a doctor if you have any symptoms or condition. Do not eat cashews You are in pregnant or breastfeeding, do not give to minors or persons of the third age, or convalescents, ill or under any medical treatment people, be responsible consume it in moderation (not to exceed more than 1 / 4 seed per day), do not let the reach of children, keep dry, cool place, (english information).