Who should not take Nuez de la India and Why.

It's very important to know who can or cant use Nuez de la India, also the benefits it gives and the side effects one could have; Nuez de la India is not sold as a medical product, Nuez de la India is a natural seed that has been used for weight loss for hundreds of years, most people are able to use Nuez de la India but the ones who can't are:

1) People who are suffering from stomach or intestinal ulcers,

You should not use Nuez de la India if you are currently  have or  are recovering from a stomach or intestinal ulcer, your stomach and intestine are sensitive to any irritant consuming one in this state could harm you or  could cause discomfort or increase acidity, for this reason do not eat chili, drink coffee, Or even take Nuez de la India.



2) During pregnancy or lactation.

Even though there is no evidence that there are any negative effects to the baby’s health, we know that pregnancy is something that must be taken with extreme care, because we are talking about an expected and valuable human being.

3) People that are older than 65 years or are younger than 18

The use of Nuez de la India is not recommended for people of the third age due to the relaxing and natural anti stress benefits, something that doesn't benefit older people as they need maximum vitality.


The use of this product is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, reason is because they are still growing and developing, when a child or teenager has problems with obesity is due to other causes than a lazy bowel, something that affects people with age (usually caused by the pass of time).



4) Allergic people

Even if this is a natural product, remember that people are allergic to many different natural products such as seafood, corn, nuts, eggs, etc. If you are a highly allergic person, it's not recommended for you  but if you want to try Nuez de la India do it with caution.



5) People in a state of convalescence.

This product  is not recommended for people that are recovering from a treatment or surgery or an accident, etc, to use this product.


Nuez de la India should not be combined with drugs and it’s also required to have maximum vitality for an optimal and effective recovery.




6) Medical treatment or other slimming treatments.

Do not mix this product with any medical treatment, even if we know that it can be combined with some treatments, we also know that with other treatments it can cause a negative effect if used together, this is the main reason why we do not recommend you to combine it with medical treatments or other slimming treatments.


We state that even when we say that some people should not use it, we do it just for mere precaution, we have yet to see a problem related to Nuez de la India but we prefer to be cautious.


You may also want to follow these precautions with this product:

1) Keep on a fresh place free of humidity.

2) Keep away from children.

3) If you have any alteration discontinue use.

4) Never exceed more than ¼ of seed it won’t work to lose weight



nuez de la india contraindications english

With Nuez de la India you lose weight while you are sleeping, take it by the night and you will feel the benefits in the morning.


No exercises are required, you just need Nuez de la India for you to lose weight, because with Nuez de la India you will only absorb a small percentage of the calories in the meals you consume and the rest will be eliminated, this is the way you will lose weight.


No diets are required, for the same reason written above, but if you eat in a healthier way, your weight loss will be faster.


Reduces your anxiety for food, if you take advantage from eating balanced meals and eating less food throughout the day, you will get better results.


Improve your digestive system and detoxify your organism, a system free of toxins will work way much better in every aspect, your metabolisms improvement is one of the many benefits as it will accelerate the weight loss and corporal measure reduction.


Metabolize your corporal mass (burn it down)

When you optimize the absorption of calories and eliminate them before your body absorbs them, you will need more calories to be able to produce energy for your daily activities and heat, when your body is low in calories it will use your body fat as an energy source replacement.


It does not cause a rebound effect, this is one of the things other slimming products can't offer you, with Nuez de la India you will lose weight slowly so a rebound is impossible, with other products you may lose weight fast but several weeks later you will regain the same amount of pounds or even more, with Nuez de la India forget about this problems.



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The Nuez de la india is a product that has been used for years for the purpose of weight loss, but it is very important that if you have a weight problem or other health problems visit your doctor and your obesity problem can have different causes and you probably require specialized medical treatment, cashews in this regard should be an effective natural aid and in no way replace the need that you have it checked by a doctor if you have any symptoms or condition. Do not eat cashews You are in pregnant or breastfeeding, do not give to minors or persons of the third age, or convalescents, ill or under any medical treatment people, be responsible consume it in moderation (not to exceed more than 1 / 4 seed per day), do not let the reach of children, keep dry, cool place, (english information).