Nuez de la india

The Indian nut, is a seed, fruit of the tree “Aleurites molucana Wild”, This walnut is native to South America, mainly from the Amazon jungle in Brazil, The USA Department of Agriculture catalogs this seed as NO toxic and used by humans.

Scientific name - Aleurites Molucanna Wild

Common names - Nuez de la India, Indian nut, Indian Walnut.




This seed has been used for slimming purposes in different cultures for hundreds of years.




What is this?


Nuez de la India

Nuez de la India benefits

       Aesthetic benefits.-


1) Eliminate excess stool of colon, to reduce the bulging tummy

Reduces the swollen belly and removes those extra pounds of stool in our digestive system, sometimes it is more than 33 Lb, imagine how you would look at reducing those pounds of stool that shouldn’t be there ?, Is amazing how it improves your health, appearance and physical condition.


obesity is not only grease, eliminates excessive stool also.




2) Eliminates that hard fatness that is difficult to low. In women the most difficult areas to reduce weight are: Hips, Thighs, belly, and arms. The Indian Nut eliminates that “Hard Fat” because it will force your body to make use of this to produce energy for your daily activities.





3) Firms and tones, with the Indian Walnut you will reduce effectively your fat level in relation to your body mass, in a way that you become slim shape without sagging. So you will feel “your skin firmer and toner”.



 4) Reduces significantly cellulites, more than the 90% of women suffers cellulites, which is an accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue. The Indian nut reduces that accumulation at the same time that it reaffirms and tones your body.


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indian nuts


       health benefits


1) When you slim your body you obtain the metabolic profits. Your organism will obtain the benefits in a metabolic lever, so you will burn fat better to use energy and above all to control the level of lipids in the organism and you will have better utilization of nutrients; You will have better health in all aspects.


2) Reducing corporal fat helps helps your digestion, you will have better digestion and your organs work better and to regenerate, then your body work better.


3) Reduction of the high blood pressure, the high pressure is the silent enemy that attacks

all of your organs without you notice, causing big problems in your health as a heart attack,

embolism, organ hurt, etc.

The Indian Nut will reduce the cholesterol and triglycerides levels, because of this your health

will improve in short and long term.


4) Detox, our body requires help in the cleaning of toxins, our intestines are saturated with stool that is staying in bags called diverticulitis and all the store old stool for years producing a lot of toxins, if detoxicate the organs of your body you will be able to regenerate, also you will reduce the risk of colon cancer and you will have better assimilation of nutrients from the food.


5) Other benefits in: diabetes problems, Joint pain caused by overweight, etc.

Why do you lose weight with the India Walnut?

Regularly when a natural product offers such good results, people tend to be skeptical and make doubts as: If it is a plant that make people lose weight, why we never seen it before? Is it good? What does that plant contains? Does it have side effects? Etc.


The first thing we need to know is that the authority regarding to plants, the USDA, tells us that it is not toxic and it’s for human consumption, we can consume it responsibly like any food. With the Indian Nut we won’t lose weight just because it has some unique and unknown ingredients, but it has several and very healthy benefits, all natural and they make us lose weight and slim our body.

The Nuez de la India is an excellent and natural relaxant, as other plants such as linden tea, Random flower, Chamomile, etc.; The Indian Nut has been shown to be able to relax and also reduce the daily stress and tensions, as well it reduce insomnia and anxiety for food. When we eliminate the daily stress.


The stress it is one of the main causes of colitis. At the same time it is cause of weight gaining. When the Indian Walnut inhibits our appetite to reduce food anxiety, we stop eating junk foods and on the other hand we can adjust to a more appropriate and healthy alimentation. The Indian Nut will feed you in the best quantity and quality and the best of all "without suffering".

Everyone know that Nuez de la India is the most effective weight loss product in the world

Surely someone told you that he lost a lot of weight with Nuez de la India

The Indian Nut reactivates your digestive system, one of the main causes of obesity is that our intestines becomes lazy and doesn’t allow the evacuation of the food we consumed that day, but it retains it for several days causing that we gain weight.


The Nuez de la India reactivates your digestive system as when you were young and eliminating what your body does not need; Don't let your colon obstructed and hold the food that you eat several days ago, this only generates excess of fat and toxins. On the other hand to reactivate your digestive system the Indian Walnut significantly reduces the abdominal swelling due to eliminate the stool and this will regenerate and optimize your metabolism, giving rise to a better burning of body fat.


The Indian Nut is a powerful fat burner, The Indian Walnut is a very effective and proven fat burner, thousands of people around the world have lost many pounds of fat that they could ever managed to lose before.


The Indian Nut isn’t a fat solvent but it does forces your body to use own fat reserve to produce body heat and make daily activities; recalls that the Indian Nut removes what your body doesn’t needs, but if the body needs more energy it will use the fat reserve; for this reason with the Indian nut you won't rebound, burns fat little by little every day, every month, when don’t imagine you'll have loss several pounds less.

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No Bounce or stagnations


The Indian Nut has no Kickback. the rebound of the diets effect is similar to the bounce of a ball, if you toss a ball to the ground strongly, this return to you at the same speed: then if a diet or regimen that makes losing weight quickly, only to lose water, and thus fast and recover it. With the cashew lose weight of form "slow but safe and steady, as well is that the rebound will not exist, you lose weight, be very difficult to rebound, and know that what went down so stay is very motivating.


• First It will make us lose weight,

• Slimming will obtain direct benefits such as blood pressure control,

• Also benefits of diabetes control,

• the collateral problems to diabetes prevention,

• Reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides are what will help with blood pressure,

• Improve your pressure decreases risk of heart attack and stroke,

• Cellulite reduction

• Aid in hair loss

• To clean your digestive system, detoxifies you,

• Detoxify your colon reduces risk of colon cancer,

• To detoxify you all your organs will work better,

• As you can see is a benefits snowball effect and where these generate you other benefits.

Additional benefits

Regarding stagnations, all product to lose weight sooner or later come to these, but with the cashew you can lose many pounds until this happens, we have stories of successful people who have lost weight in incredible shape.

nuez de la India English translation

nuez de la india english instructions

How it is the ORIGINAL Walnut of India?


The Nuez de la India is similar to that we show you in this photo, usually they come in packages of 12 seeds and this is not coincidence, but that the best result will be a month and a half due to the process of reduction of weight of the cashew, following this period come down every day until you reach your goal.


They sell fake cashew seed you:

(1) in bits, so not recognize it.

(2) In powder with spoon, for the same reason.

(3) Sold it as either, there is only one type of cashews.

(4) Sell you a seed more large you lasts a month.


Verifies that it is like the photo, buy it only in serious places and to show you what they really sell,

Don't buy in page little serious, blogs, free ads; because the next day it may disappear.

No diet or exercise required

Without diets or exercises With the cashew, it is not necessary that you reduce the intake of calories in the day, eat the same old and the cashew eliminates calories that your body does not need since you reactivate the digestive system and you evacuate what ate the same day or the next day.


You need not do exercise to burn calories, to otherwise you will need calories for your daily activities and your body will need to take it the fat you have until this subsides. But definitely recommend to eat quality food how little your body to retain these comply with the minimum requirements of a good diet.


it is recommended to consume complex vitamin that will ensure that all the minerals and vitamins that you need are in your body, and exercise is definitely not only to lose weight but to living a healthier and better quality of life so that if you run 20 minutes a day you will be much better.





Before anything else, follow these directions:

1. you must remove the velvety covering it.

2. Never eat more than one fourth seed in the day.

3. If this is the first time you eat it, it begins to consume only

    one-eighth of nuez de la India, in order to assimilate in our

    body gradually.




How to prepare nuez de la india?

Take a seed and split it into 4 equal parts, saves 3 parts and only consume a fourth part, take that quarter of the seed and shred it (use 2 teaspoons). It takes a rate of water and fill with hot water, then Enter cashew seed inside and let this sit a couple minutes (Similar to a tea). Drinking water and also the seed, and is what you should do; Watch this video >>>>



Nuez de la India english instructions

instruction to use nuez de la india

How many pounds will I be able get off with the Nuez de la India?


The usually lost is from 20 to 30 kilos in 3 to 8 months, sometimes the results are more fabulous, is wonderful as when people talk about you and excited tell you the fulfillment of their achievements and as they exceed your expectations and just want to tell about it because they are proud of them and grateful sis who sold you this product. With the cashews slow but steady way low so that you will not cause bounce.


Remember that it is so important to how to stay!

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La nuez de la india es un producto natural, no procesado, sin quimicos ni conservadores, No es ni pretendemos que sea un medicamento, al igua que todo producto natural puede ser que no todas las personas sean tolerantes a este, si usted sufre alguna condicion especial, o esta convaleciente, o esta tomando medicamentos, consulte a su medico, En caso que cualquier problema por minimo que este sea suspenda la ingesta, no se recomienda para personas embarazadas, Por ser producto natural, el consumo es responsabilidad de quien lo toma y/o lo recomienda, Sea responsable y ni consuma nunca mas de 1/4 de semilla, Alejese del alcanse de los niños