Nuez de la India is a seed fruit of the tree Aleurites molucana Wild, This seed is native to South America, mainly from the Amazon jungle in Brazil, The USA Department of Agriculture catalogs this seed as NOT toxic and can be consumed by humans.

Scientific name - Aleurites Molucanna Wild

Common names - Nuez de la India, Indian nut, Indian Walnut.




This seed has been used for slimming purposes in different cultures for hundreds of years.




What is this?


Nuez de la India

Nuez de la India benefits

       Aesthetic benefits.-


1) Eliminate excess stool of the colon, to reduce the bulging tummy

Reduces the swollen belly and removes those extra pounds of stool in our digestive system, sometimes it is more than 33 pounds, imagine how you would look at reducing those pounds of stool that shouldn’t be there?, It's amazing how it can improve your health, appearance and physical condition.


Obesity is not only grease, it's can also be caused

by excessive amounts of stool in our intestines.




2) Eliminates that body fat that is difficult to burn, Women have the most difficult areas to reduce weight and those are: Hips, Thighs, belly, and arms. The Nuez de la India eliminates that “Hard Fat” because it will force your body to make use of it to produce energy for your daily activities.





3) Firms and tones, with Nuez de la India you will effectively reduce your body fat level together with your body mass, this way once you become slim in shape you will be able to enjoy it without sagging extra skin, so you can feel that your skin is firmer than ever.



4) Significantly Reduces cellulite, more than 90% of women suffers from cellulite, which is an accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue. The Indian nut reduces that accumulation at the same time that it reaffirms and tones your body.


weight loss nuez de la india


       Health Benefits



1) When you slim your body you obtain benefits in your metabolism. Your organism will obtain benefits in its metabolism meaning that you will burn fat more efficiently, and above all the ability to control the levels of lipids in your organism, this way you will have a better use of all the nutrients in your body and in general you will feel healthier in every aspect.



2) Reducing body fat helps you digest accordingly, you will have a better digestion and thanks to that you will be able to process your meals better, thanks to this your organs will work better and they will regenerate to a healthy state, With Nuez de la India your body will work better.



indian nuts3) Reduction of high blood pressure, High blood pressure is the silent enemy in our body that attacks all of your organs without notice, causing problems in our health and in some cases even heart attacks, embolism, organ damage, etc. Nuez de la India will reduce the cholesterol and triglycerides levels, and thanks to this you will improve your health in a short and long term.



4) Detoxification, our body requires help to be able to get rid of toxins, our intestines are saturated with aged stool that is saved in bags called diverticulitis and those are able to store stool for years producing  toxins, if you remove the toxins from the organs of your body you will be able to regenerate them to their natural state, also you will reduce the risk of colon cancer and you will be able to assimilate nutrients better from food.



5) Other benefits in: Reduces problems caused by diabetes, Joint pain caused by obesity and many others.

Why do you lose weight with Nuez de la India?

Nuez de la India reactivates your digestive system, one of the main causes of obesity is that our intestines become lazy and don't allow the evacuation of food we consume during the day and we retain it for several days causing us to gain weight.


The Nuez de la India reactivates your digestive system, when we were young we had this natural benefit but with age our intestine as said before becomes lazy; Don't let your colon get obstructed by holding the food that you ate several days ago, this only generates excess of fat and toxins. On the other hand to reactivate your digestive system Nuez de la India significantly reduces the abdominal swelling due to the elimination of stool, this will regenerate and optimize your metabolism, giving rise to a better burning of body fat.

Regularly when a natural product offers us such good results, people tend to be skeptical and have doubts like: If it's a plant that make people lose weight, Why haven't I never seen it before? Is it good? What does that plant contains? Does it have side effects? Etc.


The first thing we need to know is that the authority regarding plants the USDA tells us that the Nuez de la India is not toxic and safe for human consumption, but we do need to take it responsibly like any food. With the Nuez de la India the reason you'll lose weight won't be because of some weird or unknown substances but because it has several healthy benefits, all which are natural and they will make you lose weight and slim our body.

The Nuez de la India is an excellent natural relaxant, as other plants such as the linden tea, Chamomile, etc; Nuez de la India has shown that it's able to cause us to relax and also reduces the daily stress and tensions, with this any problem of insomnia or anxiety for food will get eliminated because of you getting rid of your stress.






Stress is also one the main causes of colitis and stress will also cause you to gain weight, Nuez de la India will suppress your appetite and also reduce food anxiety, with this you will stop eating all that junk food and you will be able to eat appropriately with a healthy balance. Nuez de la India will get you back to a natural state of mind and body so you can lose weight with no effort!

Nuez de la India is a powerful fat burner, Nuez de la India is an effective and proven fat burner, thousands of people around the world have lost many pounds of fat that they never able to lose before.


The Nuez de la India isn’t a fat solvent but it does force your body to use it's own fat reserves to produce energy for your daily activities, remember  that Nuez de la India gets rid what your body doesn’t need, so your body will be low on calories as Nuez de la India will shorten the amount your body can absorb from your meals and therefore when your body needs more energy that calories can't provide it will use the your body fat reserves, Thanks to this benefit you won't experience any rebound effects as you will be burning fat little by little every day, every month, and when you least expect it you lost a lot of weight!

nuez de la india quemagrasa
original nuez de la india en español

Everyone knows that Nuez de la India is the most effective weight loss product in the world

Surely someone told you that they lost a lot of weight with Nuez de la India

nuez de la india en ingles

No Rebounds or Weight loss Plateaus


Nuez de la India will not cause a rebound effect which in diets this effect is similar to the bounce of a ball, if you toss a ball to the ground strongly, this will return to you at the same speed, when a diet makes you lose weight very quickly it's because it's only making you lose your body water, and though it will be a fast way of losing weight you will regain that same weight in a couple of weeks. With Nuez de la India you  lose weight "slow and steady", and because of this the rebound effect will not exist, you'll lose weight, won't have rebounds, and no matter how much weight you lose you will be able to stay at that weight!


First of all it will make you lose weight.

Losing weight will benefit directly on problems such as high blood pressure.

Helps reduce Diabetes problems.

Prevents collateral damage that can be caused by diabetes.

Reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides that will help reduce high blood pressure.

With the reduction of high blood pressure it decreases the risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

Cellulite reduction.

Helps you recover from hair loss.

It detoxifies you as it cleans toxins in your digestive system.

By detoxifying your colon it reduces the risk of cancer.

By cleaning the toxins in your body all your organs will work better.

As you can see all these effects have a snowball effect together that all lead on you losing weight.

Additional benefits

Regarding weight plateaus, all weight loss products sooner or later will come to these, but with the Nuez de la India you will not stop losing weight as it burns it day by day, we have stories of successful people who have lost weight and obtained an incredible shape.

How does one differentiate the ORIGINAL Nuez de la India


The original Nuez de la India is similar to what we show you in this photo, usually they come in packages of 12 seeds and this is not coincidence because to obtain better results a you will need a treatment of at least a month and a half due to the type of process of weight loss that Nuez de la India gives (As read before its a slow but steady process), after this first period you will lose weight everyday until you reach your goal.


If they sell you fake Nuez de la India:

1.- It will be sold in pieces so you can't recognize it.

2.- Can be in powder with a spoon, for the same reason.

3.- It can't be sold in either of these ways, there is only one type of Nuez de la India that is original and that is whole like on the picture on the right.

4.- They try to sell you a huge seed that will last you for months.


Verify that the seed you buy is like the one on the photo, buy it only from serious businesses that show you what they really sell, don't purchase them in pages that look suspicious, blogs, free ads; because the next day they might not be there anymore.

nuez de la india english instructions

No diet or exercise required


With Nuez de la India diets or exercises are not necessary because thanks to the Nuez de la India you will reduce the intake of calories throughout the day, you can eat the same amount of food and Nuez de la India will get rid of what your body doesn't need from them, by reactivating your digestive system you can eliminate what you ate the same day you do so or the next day!


You don't need to do exercise to burn calories, with Nuez de la India as you've read before it gets rid of what your body doesn't need therefore when your body is in need of calories for your daily activities, your body will use your own body fat as an energy replacement because of the lack of calories and because of this you will lose weight. It is recommended that you eat healthy meals as you will not absorb 50% of the calories, nutrients from the meals you eat.


it is recommended to consume a vitamin complex that will ensure that all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs are available, if you exercise it will definitely not only help you lose weight faster but it will provide you with a healthier body with a better quality of life so don't be afraid of running 20 minutes a day you will be feel so much better and it will benefit you as well!




Before anything else, follow these instructions:

1. you must remove the velvet coat covering it.

2. Never take more than 1/4th of a seed in a day.

3. If this is the first time you're taking it, begins to consume only

1/8th of Nuez de la India, in order to make it easier for your body

to assimilate



Nuez de la India English instructions


How to prepare nuez de la india?


Take a seed and split it into 4 equal parts, store 3 of parts for later use and only consume a fourth part, take that quarter of the seed and shred it (use 2 teaspoons). Fill a cup with hot water, then put your 1/4th of Nuez de la India inside and let this sit a couple minutes (Similar to a tea). Drink the water and also the seed, and is what you should do.

Watch this video for a better explanation>>>>



How many pounds will I be able to lose with the Nuez de la India?


Usually one loses around 35-60 pounds in a period of 3 to 8 months, sometimes the results are incredible, it's wonderful when people talk about our product all excited because their results exceeded their expectations, we're proud of our customers and their amazing achievements, remember with Nuez de la India slow and steady will win the weight loss race!



Remember that it is as important to maintain weight as it is losing it!

Our Testimony, (Rafael Félix y Silvia Tamai)

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nuez de la india testimonios
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The Nuez de la india is a product that has been used for years for the purpose of weight loss, but it is very important that if you have a weight problem or other health problems visit your doctor and your obesity problem can have different causes and you probably require specialized medical treatment, cashews in this regard should be an effective natural aid and in no way replace the need that you have it checked by a doctor if you have any symptoms or condition. Do not eat cashews You are in pregnant or breastfeeding, do not give to minors or persons of the third age, or convalescents, ill or under any medical treatment people, be responsible consume it in moderation (not to exceed more than 1 / 4 seed per day), do not let the reach of children, keep dry, cool place, (english information).