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Nuez de la india / Indian nuts

Nuez de la India ( Indian nuts ) , is the best natural way to lose weight, with no chemical process, this Indian nuts have been used for more than century in many  different countries, but specially in Asia and Latin America.

if you are ready to lose weight Indian nuts (nuez de la India) is all you need



Nuez de la India false vs original, this comparison have no way to be, a product that hide its name or it is cut in little pieces it shows that is a product that is hiding something or it must not to be consumed


A product is good quality when is object of piracy, Nuez de la India is so popular that one false it’s on sale to, this and its excellent results are recommended by many people and the best recommendation is, Consume the original one and you will be very fine, you lose weight, you look very fine and feel much better.


There is an example attached between both so you can decide, buy only Original ones.


Buy originals, Buy with us!




* Clean the gut, then you detoxify by eliminating stale rot

* Removes fat deposits, the fat hard to lose!!

* Fat localized

* Reduces cellulite and tone your skin

* Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides,

* Tone muscles

* Significantly reduces the urge to eat

* Reduce smoking anxiety

* Cure hemorrhoids

* Cure constipation,

* Helps for arthritis,

* Significantly help for skin and hair,

* Help to control hair loss

* Help to reduce acne problems,

* The best natural product for weight lose!

* NO REBOUNDS, it will reduce real fat!, Not water!

* This walnut will change your life forever!

Distinguish the original Nuez de la India vs false

With Nuez de la India you lose weight while you are sleeping, take it by the night and you will feel the benefits in the morning.


No exercises are required, you just need Nuez de la India for you weight loss, because you will only obtain a percentage per calories consumed and the rest will be eliminated, that is the way you will lose weight.


No diets are required, for the same reason written above, but if you eat on healthier way, your weight loss will be faster.


Reduces your anxiety for food, if you take advantage from eating less food and balanced, you will get better results.


Improve you digestive system and detoxify you, a system free of toxins work way much better at every aspect, your metabolism improvement is one of many benefits, accelerate the weight loss and corporal measures.


Metabolize your corporal mass (burn it now)

When you optimize the absorption of calories, you will need more energy to produce your daily activities and heat, and it will be taken by the grease located in your body.


It does not cause rebound, this is one of the slimming products that not cause rebound due to you lose weight  gradually but very constantly, rebound may happen if you lose weight very fast and recover you weight faster, with Nuez de la India forget about this problems.

INDIAN NUTS  nuez dela india english version





Colon cleanse, for weight loss

After teenagers, our digestive system begins to stay hard layers of rot,

producing somehow toxins which causes our body degrade faster,

when it gets clean by Nuez de la India all our cell level will work much better.



Dissolves fat

It will burns that fat harder to eliminate, then you notably lose weight

and with no rebound!



Eliminate what your body does not need

Let’s figure out what you are eating today, your body only needs the 50%,

it would be like eat only half amount of what we usually eat,

this is the only fact for which you must lose weight.



Better digestive system for your weight loss

The major cause of colitis is the daily stress, when you eat Nuez de la India it will notably reduce the stress level, then you digestive system will work adequately and constantly will lose weight.



It will reduce you anxiety for food for weight loss

You will stop eating just for anxiety then you will get more healthy nutritional habits so you can reach your goal

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La nuez de la india es un producto natural, no procesado, sin quimicos ni conservadores, No es ni pretendemos que sea un medicamento, al igua que todo producto natural puede ser que no todas las personas sean tolerantes a este, si usted sufre alguna condicion especial, o esta convaleciente, o esta tomando medicamentos, consulte a su medico, En caso que cualquier problema por minimo que este sea suspenda la ingesta, no se recomienda para personas embarazadas, Por ser producto natural, el consumo es responsabilidad de quien lo toma y/o lo recomienda, Sea responsable y ni consuma nunca mas de 1/4 de semilla, Alejese del alcanse de los niños