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Most relevant SIDE EFFECTS :




Nuez de la india SIDE EFFECTS 1)

During the first days of treatment you will experience gas and flatulence . -

This is due to the rotting fecal matter in your digestive system , while eliminating it your stomach will produce gases that gradually will disappear as you purify your body with Nuez de la India.



Nuez de la india SIDE EFFECTS 2 )

As you begin to burn fat, you will experience a slight back pain. -

(Similar to muscle pain presented during exercise) , this muscle pain should subside after a week .



Nuez de la india SIDE EFFECTS 3 )

Slight headache . -

Due to the presence of ketone bodies (molecules that our bodies produce when we burn large amounts of fat) either for exercise or diet, this is activated when you don’t consume glucose, is recommended to eat an orange daily to reduce or eliminate the headaches.



Nuez de la india SIDE EFFECTS 4)

Slight fatigue. -

It is natural that if we increase our visits to the restroom we eliminate potassium and lower our levels of this , in our body.

If this happens we will feel tired and sleepy, do not worry the banana is rich in potassium and eating one banana a day will make the difference.


Nuez de la india SIDE EFFECT 5 )

Intestinal irritant. -

Nuez de la India is an intestinal irritant, like a chili pepper , a cup of coffee , etc. .

In the evening take a nuez de la india tea and in the morning take a yogurt, you will feel great during the day. , If you suffer from ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, have been operated the digestive system, it is clear that you should not take any irritating.



Nuez de la india SIDE EFFECT 6)

Reduces weight and enjoy better health and quality of life . -

Usually people , relate the negative side effects , but actually a side effect, any additional effect obtained from an originally wanted.



For example : If I want to lose weight and for that I take Nuez de la Inda , while reaching that goal  I will also have positive side effects , such as:


A) Colon cleansing, which reduces possibility of colon cancer, and when eliminating toxins, all our organism work better at the cellular level .


B) Reduced fat levels , cholesterol and triglycerides , which will help to control high pressure conditions and reduce the risk of having an stroke.


CONCLUSION:  before anything I will like to say is very important that before you decide to take Nuez de la Inda, you are well informed, what is it?, what is it for?, how do you take it?, who shouldn’t consume it, how does the original Nut looks like, and how the fake ones look like, etc.

Side effects of Nuez de la India?


Side effects of Nuez de la India?

Before mentioning the side effects of Nuez de la India, you must know that all foods, even if they are natural,  have side effects and these may vary from person to person, because of his health, the amount consumed of that food, and other factors.


For example:

If you are a person with regular health conditions, you can breakfast 2 eggs in the morning with no problem, but if you have high cholesterol, you can only eat a couple a week, otherwise you will have a side effect of raising your cholesterol level , Even when you eat the same or less than other people.

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OUR PRODUCT is proudly original, well produced and well cropped, we attach a certificate of origin and the opinion of the USDA, which indicates that the Indian Walnut is for human consumption and that is NOT Toxic!


Nuez de la India, the most popular product due to:


reliable sources say (Indian Walnut) is not toxic , is for human consumption, while people getting free advertising or other people selling slimming products, say Indian nut is unreliable. what you think?


It's so good product, and like any good product, people will sell a fake, buy only from reliable sellers.


Almost everyone knows someone else who lost weight with the Indian nut.

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La nuez de la india es un producto natural, no procesado, sin quimicos ni conservadores, No es ni pretendemos que sea un medicamento, al igua que todo producto natural puede ser que no todas las personas sean tolerantes a este, si usted sufre alguna condicion especial, o esta convaleciente, o esta tomando medicamentos, consulte a su medico, En caso que cualquier problema por minimo que este sea suspenda la ingesta, no se recomienda para personas embarazadas, Por ser producto natural, el consumo es responsabilidad de quien lo toma y/o lo recomienda, Sea responsable y ni consuma nunca mas de 1/4 de semilla, Alejese del alcanse de los niños