nuez de la india serious side effects

nuez de la india bad side effects


The opinion that matters the most

Hello friends, before talking about the side effects of Nuez de la India, We need to talk about the opinion that matters the most when it comes to plants, seeds, fruits and vegetables in the world; The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


On the official website of the USDA there is a page specially made for Nuez de la India (Indian Walnut), This page contains information that indicates more than 50 physical and morphological characteristics of this seed, the most important being the one that indicates that:


A) Nuez de la India is NOT TOXIC

B) Nuez de la India is palatable for humans


So like hundreds of other fruits, seeds or vegetables we can eat them with responsibility; even if Nuez de la India is the most popular product in the world when it comes to losing weight, it is very important to know the side effects, we will explain all of them.


Forget once and for all about myths and rumors

Nuez de la India Side Effects

Meet the truth based in scientific information and trusted sources.

serious side effects of indian nut

Side Effect 1

During the first days of treatment you will experience gases and flatulence.-

This is because the old stool and rottenness in your digestive system, as you eliminate them your stomach will produce gas, they will disappear gradually by purifying with Nuez de la India.



Side Effect 2

While you start burning fat, you will experiment a light back pain.-

(Similar to the muscular pain after exercise), this muscular pain will disappear after a week.



Side Effect 3

During the first days you will experience a light Headache.-

Because of the presence of ketone bodies (molecules that our body produces when we burn big quantities of fat either from exercise or diet) this denies our body from glucose, we recommend that you eat at least one orange to reduce or eliminate the pain.



Side Effect 4

You may experience a light fatigue.-

It is natural that if we increase our visits to the toilette we will eliminate potassium and the levels of it will get lower as well. If this happens we will feel tired and sleepy, do not worry about it, bananas are a good source of potassium and only with one banana by day you will feel much better.



Side Effect 5

Irritable bowel.-

Nuez de la India is a bowel irritant just like other natural products like chili, a cup of coffee or others. At night take a cup of Nuez de la India tea and the next morning make sure you eat a low fat yogurt, this way you will feel wonderful during the day. If you suffer from ulcers, irritable colon, had your digestive system operated, it's not recommended for you to take any irritants, including Nuez de la India.


Nuez de la India Serious Side Effects

Sometimes when people see something has amazing results, they think that it has some serious side effects.


Nuez de la India is suitable for humans according to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), so we can consume it with responsibility. We will explain in an easy way how Nuez de la India works so you can rest assured.


For more information on how it works click here

Nuez de la India and Alcohol

Can you mix Nuez de la India and alcohol?

Never use Nuez de la India under the influence of alcohol, It is well known and even logical that you cannot combine alcohol with neither medicine or natural products, reason being that it will change the beneficial effects that these could generate, It's not worth trying to generate results under the effects of alcohol.

It's better to wait a couple of days, before initiating with the Nuez de la India treatment and suspend it again for 2 days every time you drink.


Indian walnut side effects english

Negative Side Effects of Nuez de la India

nuez de la india alcohol

Could you mix Indian Nut and Medicine?

Never take Nuez de la India under medication, if you are under a medical treatment it could have negative effects in the symptoms or the disease itself, even though there has been no similar cases we know that this is something that could happen and we wouldn't like it if you were the first.

Be responsible in this aspect and stop taking Nuez de la India if you're in a medical treatment, If you wish to use Nuez de la India please visit your doctor and tell them if there won't be any negative effects if you combine it with your medicine.

Nuez de la India will HELP YOU with high pressure and diabetes problems

Can you use Nuez de la India if you suffer from diabetes?

Nuez de la India doesn’t have a direct relation with something that could affect your diabetes problem in a negative way, because it doesn't affect your glucose nor does it have any sugar, so it could be considered diabetic food.


We have customers who affirm that after losing weight, they felt much better and they controlled their diabetes levels, which is proven.


Nuez de la India and diabetes
Nuez de la india diabetes
Nuez de la India and high blood pressure

Nuez de la India definitely helps with high blood pressure problems because it will make you lose weight, it will reduce cholesterol, triglycerides in a medium and long term.


The arterial pressure is related to the saturation of our arteries because of the high levels of cholesterol inside of them. If you have high blood pressure problems, then you are facing the best choice of your life, because the high blood pressure can cause the loss of sight, heart attacks, clots and it can even destroy your vital organs, be careful as it is known as the silent killer.


indian nut seed side effects english

Benefits of Nuez de la India



1) Eliminate excess stool of the colon, to reduce the bulging tummy

Reduces the swollen belly and removes those extra pounds of stool in our digestive system, sometimes it is more than 33 pounds, imagine how you would look at reducing those pounds of stool that shouldn’t be there?, It's amazing how it can improve your health, appearance and physical condition.


Obesity is not only grease, it's can also be caused

by excessive amounts of stool in our intestines.




2) Eliminates that body fat that is difficult to burn, Women have the most difficult areas to reduce weight and those are: Hips, Thighs, belly, and arms. The Nuez de la India eliminates that “Hard Fat” because it will force your body to make use of it to produce energy for your daily activities.





3) Firms and tones, with Nuez de la India you will effectively reduce your body fat level together with your body mass, this way once you become slim in shape you will be able to enjoy it without sagging extra skin, so you can feel that your skin is firmer than ever.



4) Significantly Reduces cellulite, more than 90% of women suffers from cellulite, which is an accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue. The Indian nut reduces that accumulation at the same time that it reaffirms and tones your body.




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The Nuez de la india is a product that has been used for years for the purpose of weight loss, but it is very important that if you have a weight problem or other health problems visit your doctor and your obesity problem can have different causes and you probably require specialized medical treatment, cashews in this regard should be an effective natural aid and in no way replace the need that you have it checked by a doctor if you have any symptoms or condition. Do not eat cashews You are in pregnant or breastfeeding, do not give to minors or persons of the third age, or convalescents, ill or under any medical treatment people, be responsible consume it in moderation (not to exceed more than 1 / 4 seed per day), do not let the reach of children, keep dry, cool place, (english information).