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Nuez de la India is wonderful product,

Because you will lose weight without dieting, without exercise and without starving

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Testimony of Norma Lopez / Los Angeles Ca

I had almost 180 pounds in weight, Luckily thanks to the Nuez de la India I lost 48 pounds in a year, people don't recognize me anymore and I love it, even though I still have some weight to go, I know I’m going in the right direction, keep your head up when you want to lose weight you'll get there eventually!!


Testimony of Claudia Duarte / Phoenix Az.

Hello friends, I want to let you know that I've never seen a product like this before, thanks to Nuez de la India I can now live again, I can play around with my children and my relationship with my partner has improved significantly.



Testimony of Silvia Leyva/Mexico DF

Nuez de la India is an amazing product, fully recommended for those who want to lose many pounds, my niece, my mother and I lost weight incredibly.



Testimony Anahi Martinez / Houston Tx.

Trust in what they tell you and try Nuez de la India, it definitely worked for me, I was also skeptical and I couldn't decide if i wanted to take it, but when I finally took the decision, it has been the best decision of my whole life Thank you so much!!!



Ana Sofia / Spain

Friends Nuez de la India is the best and cheapest way to lose weight!, I lost almost 39 pounds in a year, but it's just not the amazing fact that I lost weight that surprises me, it's the incredible way that I'm still losing weight without even having to do exercise!, I'm so happy with these results and I want to share this experience with all of you.



Testimony Martha Vargas / Las Vegas USA

At first I thought Nuez de la India was just not working for me, I called in to  Mr. Rafael Felix and he gave me some advice and the correct way to use it, and based on what he told me I followed every instruction he gave and I started losing weight!

Testimony of Laura Lares / Tijuana B.C. Mexico

Personally the product did not meet my expectations, but being honest I did lose several sizes, so on my general opinion I would suggest the product, but there are some effects that are bothersome at the beginning, but it is a natural product so I guess its normal.


Testimony of Carlos Rodriguez / Las Vegas USA

I tried Nuez de la India for the very first time and it caused me nausea and lots of back pain but I was losing weight, wanting to buy back the treatment I couldn't contact my provider anymore I then searched on the internet and found the product sold by Rafael Felix, then I saw that their product was so different I bought it feeling a bit in doubt, after I received it I had a question as I now saw that there were two different types of Nuez de la India, Rafael informed me that the one he sells is the authentic Nuez de la India, and the one I was taking was surely a fake one, I tried his product and the nausea, back pain and every other annoying effect I had before stopped occurring, the only effect that seems to have stayed was that I was losing weight! The only thing I can say after this experience is to be well informed of what you're buying and learn to differentiate between products!



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The Nuez de la india is a product that has been used for years for the purpose of weight loss, but it is very important that if you have a weight problem or other health problems visit your doctor and your obesity problem can have different causes and you probably require specialized medical treatment, cashews in this regard should be an effective natural aid and in no way replace the need that you have it checked by a doctor if you have any symptoms or condition. Do not eat cashews You are in pregnant or breastfeeding, do not give to minors or persons of the third age, or convalescents, ill or under any medical treatment people, be responsible consume it in moderation (not to exceed more than 1 / 4 seed per day), do not let the reach of children, keep dry, cool place, (english information).